Dumb® Scooter Kids Card - 03 - Dante Gravity

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This card is no. 03 in the series and features Dante Gravity, a character that may or may not be based on Dante Hutchinson.

Dumb® Scooter Kids is a collectible card series featuring a freakish collection of mutants, misfits and morons that all share a love of scooters. But wait, why do these totally made up riders all seem strangely familiar?

Every Dumb® Scooter Kids card is printed in full colour on premium stock and laminated both sides for extra protection. The card comes in its own protective sleeve to make sure it stays in mint condition.


1 x Dumb® Scooter Kids Card
1 x Dumb® Scooter Kids A5 Display Card
1 x Dumb® Scooter Kids Card Sticker
1 x Dumb® Scooter Kids Logo Sticker

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