Dumb® Sticker Pack - The Bomb

£6.00 GBP

Decorate your life with Dumb® stickers and let the world know you're one of us. This whopper pack contains every sticker we make, combining all the packs together giving you one of everything! Whatever you decide to sticker bomb with these babies just don't forget to send us a picture on Instagram!

All our stickers are printed on a tough, durable, high quality vinyl.

Each sticker measures approx 100mm x 50mm.
Pack contains 19 stickers as shown.

Dumb® Hoodie - Black / White
Dumb® Hoodie - Black / White [PERSONALISE]

£34.00 GBP

Dumb® Sweater - Black / White
Dumb® Sweater - Black / White [PERSONALISE]

£28.00 GBP