The Park Series

The new Park Series includes three new designs that use photography to remind us that a good skatepark is a truly beautiful thing.

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Park Series

3 x Dumb® Originals.


A Dumb® Original.

Lewis Johnson

A Dumb® Signature Design.


A Dumb® Original.


by Samuel Elgreco.


A Dumb® Original.

Fashion for the Foolish

They say progress starts with a dumb idea. Pretty sure someone smart said that. Well, like 87% sure. Our dumb idea was wanting to smash together our love of retro style, progressive design and action sports into one brand. A brand that understands that what you love doesn't have to make sense. So stay foolish. Stay Dumb®.

Personalise a classic Dumb® garment with your name or social media tag using Dumb® ID.

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